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metadata in EG

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metadata in EG


Can a SAS EG project generate its own metadata?  In particular, I'm looking for a list dataset names and respective variable names that an EG project points to, something similar to SASHELP.VCOLUMN in base SAS?


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Re: metadata in EG

Most of this information would only 'exist' as the result of running the project.  After which you could collect the information using things like the dictionary tables.  The egp file itself will contain some information you may be looking for, but also, this is pretty much only after a project is run.  Depending on specifically what you want there are some caveats or other ways of going about collecting the information, but nothing probably as easy as you are hoping for.

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Re: metadata in EG

This may be useful to you. As far as I am aware EG projects are not self-documenting nor do they get automatically added to SAS server metadata.

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Re: metadata in EG

In addition to the EGP Searcher referenced by you can also try the Project Reviewer task.  And you can use the automation API to write scripts that "scrape" details from your project.


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