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map graphs

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map graphs


Does anyone know if there is a problem with rendering "map graphs" in Enterprise Guide (EG) 4.1(

I find that it has no problems rendering up to about 50 polygons - that's all the data in the "CNTYNAME" table (in the MAPS library), or about a fifth of the data in the world map "NAMES" table (also in the MAPS library).

If I filter the NAMES table to reduce data I get a few countries rendered, but if I attempt a thematic map on the entire data set, I get the following:

"The results are large (21276676 bytes) and could take a long time
and a large amount of system resources to add to the project.

Do you want to continue adding results to the project?

If I click yes, I get:

"HTML - Map Graph" is too large to open inside Enterprise Guide
and will be opened externally"

EG then opens an IE browser, then in a couple of minutes, a bar chart appears with 3 bars and the x and y axis labeled as "category" and "response" respectively. No map though.

I'm new to EG, so any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: map graphs

I think this is a bug in the ActiveX control whenever "large" datasets are being plotted.

I see the same thing when doing boxplots of "large" datasets.

The html files built by the control seem to be quite inefficient when it comes to size (eg a 21Mb file being created in your example).

Try using a different graph type (eg GIF) and see.

I think there is a lot of work to be done to the ActiveX control to fix the size issue and also to extend the funtionality.

My 2 priorities would be:

1. A way to change the axis scale (a proper ZOOM would also be acceptable)

2. Extending it to the rest of the graphs (eg probability plot)
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