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libname contents missing

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libname contents missing

SAS EG3. Citrix Windows SAS 8.2

We are having problems with some users that can't see
the contents of a libname. As far as we can se they have
correct privileges. They can see the server and libname
but not the libname contents.

Outside SAS EG they can access the data via libname.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: libname contents missing

Please track this with Tech Support, they are referenced below... Smiley Happy
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Re: libname contents missing

Hi All,

Despite this issue being reported a long time ago, I couldn't find a reply to it on the list.
I have exactly the same problem.
Also, If I hardcode a SAS/ACCESS to DB2 libname I can then get access to
the tables.
Any tip will be much appreciated.

Thank y'all
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