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large .pl file for census data

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large .pl file for census data

Hello All,

can anyone please let me know how can i open large .pl file?

I am working on census data and i have couple of very large files (with extension .pl) which are not opening in notepad or wordpad - error msg says file is too large for notepad, use dufferent tools to open the data. this files contains raw data information which i can use for SASEG.

I did try to rename file with different extentions but not opening...

please advise.


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Re: large .pl file for census data

They are basically just big text files.  See

for a description of importing them into Access. 

Once you rename them to .txt, you could read a few records with SAS and output to another .txt file that your editor could handle (Use PUT _infile_; and the OBS OPTION to limit the number of records.)

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