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keyboard abbreviations within a procedure

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keyboard abbreviations within a procedure

Is there a way to get abbreviation macros to work within a procedure?

For example, I have an abbreviation "print8pt" with contents "style(data header obs obsheader)=[font_size=8pt]". If I type "pri" on an empty line in EG 4.3, this abbreviation appears in a list and I can expand it by pressing the tab key. But if I first type "proc print data=sashelp.class " and then try to use the abbreviation, I can't get it to work!

A workaround is to type a semi-colon to terminate the proc print statement, use the abbreviation, then go back and delete the semi-colon. But is there a better way, preferably one where the abbreviation macro would only pop up while I'm writing a proc print statement?

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Re: keyboard abbreviations within a procedure

It may help to name your abbreviations with a character or character group that doesn't occur in code very often. I use abbreviations that start with #.

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