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join queries

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join queries

Just started using EG (and SAS for that matter) and was wondering if it is possible to create two queries on top of a single table, and then create a query using the results of the first two queries.

I have three columns; one for sales territories, one for product and one dollars. I am trying to group the query so I have a percentage mix product calculated for each territory. I was trying to accomplish this by quering up the sums into two queries, then using a join and expression builder to finish off the math.

Is this possible within a single query?

Thanks for help (using EG 4.1)
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Re: join queries

Generally, yes. It's called a "correlated subquery". I believe there is an example like that in the SQL chapter in the base manual.

You'll have to do it in a code node; the Query & Report task is not sophisticated enough to do that.

Doc Muhlbaier
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