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insert value in a table with prompt

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insert value in a table with prompt

I would like the following to happen:

When I run my SAS project, I want to see a pop-up where I can fill in a reference date, a start date and an end date. And I want those three values to occur in a table like this:


   REF                BEGIN           END

1 01/02/2018     02/02/2018     20/02/2018


Is this possible?


I made three tables with all dates between 1996 and today on which I used my prompt but I don't think this the right way...


Thanks in advance




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Re: insert value in a table with prompt

Create the three prompts as data prompts, and use a data step like this:

data want;
ref = "&ref"d;
begin = "&begin"d;
end = "&end"d;
format ref begin end ddmmyy10.;

The prompts need to be named ref, begin and end, respectively.

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