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how to use INFILE statement in SAS EG

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how to use INFILE statement in SAS EG

Hi All,

I am relatively new to SAS EG and while I was able to use the infile statement in PC SAS, in SAS EG when I use infile and give the path for the file stored on the SAS server in myuser folder. I get an error saying " physical file does not exist" any help towards fixing this is highly appreciated.
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Re: how to use INFILE statement in SAS EG

If you are using EG to connect to a remote machine, the INFILE or FILENAME statement must refer to a file that exists on the remote machine. Because the SAS program is running remotely, it cannot pick a file off of your local hard drive, unless you craft the file reference so that it can see your file as a network resource.

For example (assuming a Windows server):

filename myfile "\\mylocalmachine\public\mydata.txt";

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