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how to run java script in sas

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how to run java script in sas

Dear Team,

i want run this java code in sas eg the main purpose is want to upload pdf file in other web applocation from sas server

1 st path

java -jar /regrep/regrep/RBI_RETURNS/Jar_file/LiferayDocumentPush.jar

is for to execute jar file

2nd path to give cofiguration properties of the web application where i need to upload the pdf


3 rd path for to create foldet in the location for to upload pdf file

PIVG/ramesh/test CPR033_ftd.pdf

4th path

'Daily report'

discription for the file

5 th path

this path is  where file is located  in sas server


x "java -jar /regrep/regrep/RBI_RETURNS/Jar_file/LiferayDocumentPush.jar /regrep/regrep/RBI_RETURNS/Jar_file/ /PIVG/ramesh/test CPR033_ftd.pdf a 'Daily report'  /regrep/regrep/RBI_RETURNS/Jar_file/CPR033.pdf";

this code  iam trying execute in sas but its not showing any error and not  giving any result kindly any one help me out on this

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how to run java script in sas

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You posted this to the Enterprise Guide forum.  The "x" command is turned off by default in EGuide. 

Go to and search for x command to see several articles about this.

(I'm not a Java programmer, so I can't help there.)

Doc Muhlbaier


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