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grouping on substring

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grouping on substring

Hi all, my second question...


I use the query wizard to query data rather then command line type programming.


I'm afraid I don't know what SAS EG version it is... it's not on my PC, it is a remote instance that I access via an online method. It is quite a restrictive set up, but it's the only way I can access this data.


One of the fields I want to include in my query is populated with a 5 char string (for example AA123, AA124, AA125 etc). However, if I pull it in as is, the query result is way too big, and all I actually need is the first two characters of the code.


In sql it would be

select substring(Hcode,1,2) as H_summary... if that clarifies?


I can't work out how to do it though.


Any help gratefully received.

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Re: grouping on substring

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Just use the query builder in SAS Enterprise Guide and add a computed column like below, then you can add other columns and use summarization functions on it.




The expression for the new column would be SUBSTR(yourColumn, start, length)

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Re: grouping on substring

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perfect, thanks!

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