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formating a text report

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formating a text report

Is it possible to set the properties of the text output report to landscape?
Is it possible to customize number of rows to be displayed in one page?
Can i format the columns to fit into one page?
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Re: formating a text report

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The answer to this question depends on so many different things. Generally, inside EG you are seeing HTML results, via ODS which is NOT the same kind of report as the "monospace" report that might otherwise go to the LISTING window in a regular SAS (non-EG) session.

So, first, what do you mean by "text" report? Do you mean an ASCII text file? How would you create the ASCII text tile? With a DATA step program? Or, do you intend to use SAS procedures? Are you using Enterprise Guide tasks or Wizards to create your output or are you using a code node to create your output? Do you have the program already written or are you just beginning the project?

This is probably a question that is best answered by Tech Support. They can collect all your relevant information and come up with a solution that fits your needs. I could tell you that yes, it is possible to set the properties of a LISTING report to landscape, it is also possible to set the properties of PDF or RTF output to landscape, but the default result type in EG is HTML and there is no "landscape" when you create HTML files. So the answer to your first question is "it depends" -- which is not much help at all. The rest of your questions indicate to me that you want to do something that is POSSIBLE but might be only accomplished in an EG code node. And, so it's not just a simple answer, because it's not just a simple question. Tech Support is your best bet for a complete and correct answer, once they evaluate your particular needs.

To learn how to contact Tech Support, refer to:

Good luck,
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