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exporting to excel from EG 4.1

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exporting to excel from EG 4.1

We're currently using EG4.1 and want to be able to export data to a specific sheet in an existing excel workbook.

Is this possible? I know it was using dde and I've read somewhere that allowing the XMD functions might work, but I'm not sure it will as I'm not sure if our SAS and Excel are both running locally or on a server?


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Re: exporting to excel from EG 4.1

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Hmm, the only trick I have in my book is you can use SAS/ACCESS to PC Files and the Excel Libname statement to write to a new worksheet. For example:

libname myxls "C:\data\states.xls";

Then, any task/program could output to the myxls library *as long as* you picked a name that wasn't already the name of a worksheet. That's a big caveat: you can't have a worksheet with that name already in the workbook. So, you're not really outputting into a worksheet, you're creating a new one.

I'm sure there are other solutions, perhaps along the lines you describe. Hopefully we'll get a few more people weigh in!
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