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export proc report out put

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export proc report out put

is there  a way to export proc report results?

I would like to automate this process. I create 30 reports on a weekly basis

I use EG 5.1 and PC file server to export all reports .xlsb format

Please advise


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Re: export proc report out put


  I am not sure what you mean by "export". When you use Enterprise Guide, you have a few different ways to  create output. One is to use the Send Results to .. and you pick Excel or Word when you're looking at the output results. But, if you need to automate the creation of output, you could use ODS methods to make files for Excel. You can explicitly take control of your output creation by using ODS Statements to direct your output to a specific file or files. However, ODS will not create .xlsb format files, which is a proprietary Excel format. ODS will only create HTML files, CSV files or Spreadsheet Markup Language 2003 XML files -- all of which Excel knows how to open and render.

  Otherwise, if you are using the PC File server and either PROC EXPORT or the LIBNAME engine, then PROC REPORT has an OUT= option, which will create a SAS dataset from the report procedure syntax and you can use this OUT= file in your PROC EXPORT or LIBNAME engine step. Or, just create the output and then use the EG controls to export the output dataset to Excel.


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Re: export proc report out put

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Thank you  very much for your response.

I do use PC File server to send results to a shared drive location using PROC EXPORT ( .xlsb format)

I will try  using out= file option in PROC REPORT .

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