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excel import in EG 4.2

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excel import in EG 4.2

i just updated to 4.2 and now most of my projects doesnt work anymore. This caused me a lot of trouble for the q3 reporting.

the problem is the import of date columns from xls. In the previous EG version i had to use a specific read-in format (ANYDTDTE) and all worked fine with a DDMMYY-output format. Now it doesnt anymore.
I get a pop-up message from the new import that most of the coloumns have changed type (which they havent since the xls-file is excactly the same) and that is probably the problem.

How can i get around this?
I installed the hotfix, but it doesnt seem to help much.
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Re: excel import in EG 4.2

Please work with SAS Technical Support on this issue. They might ask for a copy of your 4.1 project, 4.2 project, and a sample Excel file, if you can share those.

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