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egp issue

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egp issue

Hi there,

I could not save my EG project . I kept receiving this error (below). So, I elected to simply close without saving.

However, when opening the same project again later, I am getting this error message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

I do not know what this error pertains to. Please advise.

-- SM
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Re: egp issue

You might have an object reference in your project - i.e. to an external file - but the external file is no more around (that would then be the "instance").

That's the same like having a shortcut in Windows but the file/program the shortcut is pointing to is no more around or moved to another path.
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Re: egp issue


This error might be the result of a bug, but can probably be worked around / fixed easily. You'll need to contact tech support though for more diagnosis and appropriate advice.

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