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difficulty in scheduling projects

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difficulty in scheduling projects

I'm having a real problem with scheduling projects.

If I develop a project and schedule it to run it runs OK.

However, if I move the project to another folder (ie put into production) I can not successfully schedule the project.

I've run some tests.
1) if I create a project, test it, and schedule it in the same location it works.
2) if I move the project it does not work.
2a) If I edit the vbs and change the path to the project it does not work
2b) if I remove the vbs and then create a new one using EG it also does not work
2c) the only way I have been able to move a project is to copy the code, create a new project in the desired folder, and paste the code into the new project then save it and then schedule it (I've only done this with simple projects)

someone please tech support has not been much help on this
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Re: difficulty in scheduling projects

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I suspect that it has something to do with your local environment and settings. Can you move the project and manually run it (from the File tab)? If I am moving a project, I usually have to change some file pointers and such; if that is not done correctly, the initial task will fail and no results; that should be in a log somewhere. If you look under scheduled tasks in the control panel, does it say it ran? I've occasionally gotten burned with Windows wanting an additional authentication (when the project was in a different active directory domain from my default login).

I just copied a project to another directory (different drive, too) and scheduled the process flow on each and they both ran fine. Ditto in scheduling the entire project.

[I am running XP SP 2, SAS 9.2 Phase 2, and EG]
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Re: difficulty in scheduling projects

that is what I suspected. We are using a client server install of EG with SAS on a server only. The server is only partially set up so we can not publish reports.

I tried a number of things. I was using a simple project with one datastep. I repeatedly tried to use the scheduler with no luck after moving the project.

Finally,yesterday,something changed. I was able to move the project and get it to run.

My main project however was a different matter (large and complex). Finally after trying a number of things. I tried copying parts of the project to a new project testing each time. After copying all the pieces I was able to run the new project and schedule it. I suspect that something was buried in the project that prevented it from running but I don't have a clue as to what it might be.
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Re: difficulty in scheduling projects

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one of the problems I have found is that the vbs file that EG creates is not really associated with the object in the schedule for the project.

here is something I just tried

I deleted the schedule from the project saved and quit the project.
Then I went into the folder and renamed the vbs
Then back in my project I created a schedule, browsed and selected the renamed vbs file.
When I clicked OK the schedule sheet showed the schedule but the vbs was EGScript1.vbs even though I had told it to use the renamed one. In the folder there is a new EGScript1.

I would prefer that I be able to name my vbs files so I can keep track of what is what is in the folder.

After this test I tried something else. I changed the name of the vbs in the schedule, then I renamed the vbs in EG. Then I saved and closed EG and then in the folder deleted the EGScript thinking that the renamed vbs would be used.

Wrong, when I opened up the project again and went to the schedule it complained that the file could not be found.
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