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Re: Data missing in output for "NO" values

I am sorry, I am not even sure how I am meant to read that mass of shouting?  Please examine the guidance you will find below where you post questions.  Post test data in the form of a datastep showing a few lines of example data.  Then show what you expect out.  Then show the relevant part of the code if you have it and any errors/warnings in the log.  Please also avoid coding all in shouting case.

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Re: Data missing in output for "NO" values

Try copying directly from the LOG and paste into a codebox opened with the forum {I} icon.

That should present better.


I do have to question why you keep assigning multiple librefs to the same storage locations. It makes following code difficult and is almost never a "good idea" unless you are dealing with specific locations that have data you use two different engines to access such as version 6 SAS data sets and version 9 (also not a great idea but stuff happens).

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Re: Data missing in output for "NO" values

Are you intentionally being rude to us? If yes, please go to another forum to insult people there.


Otherwise, provide example data in an easily and reliably usable form (that specifically excludes Excel), and properly formatted code.

See my footnotes, it's not rocket science.

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