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create complex filter in information map

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create complex filter in information map

I want to create a filter, e.g. " product_id in (select product_id from sales_facts where ....  )", with prompt. Is it able to create such filter in Information map?

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Re: create complex filter in information map

Let us take a example,

There is a table called products, It consist of dataitem Product_id,Product_name,QTY

and another table sales_fact, Consist of Sales_Id,Sales_person,Product_ID

  • Inner Join above two table with product_id
  • add dataitem only related to products table in the information map selected items.
  • Create a prompt 'Name of the Sales person' and apply to Sales_person in the SALES_FACT table
  • Save the Infomap.

Hope this will resolve your issue

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