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connection problem with sas guide

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connection problem with sas guide

When I try to use SAS enterprise Guide , the following message appears :
"the administrator of the working zone SAS is not either installed or recorded on this machine or installed version is previous to that provided with Enterprise Guide 3.0"
(in french : le gestionnaire de la zone de travail SAS n'est ni installé ni enregistré sur cette machine ou la version installée est antérieure à celle fournie avec Enterprise Guide 3.0)

What must I install to repair this?
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Re: connection problem with sas guide


Wow, it's interesting to see how these messages are translated into other languages.

I think the original English version of this message reads:

The SAS Workspace Manager is not installed or registered on this machine, or the installed version is older than that is supplied with Enterprise Guide 3.0. This is a required component for Enterprise Guide to work properly; please reinstall to repair the installation.

Basically, it means that you should reinstall the inttechc bundle that you can find on your EG media (eguide\bundles\inttechc\setup.exe).

If you have further troubles, please contact SAS technical support.

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