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condtional Formatting

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condtional Formatting

Hello I am a SAS programmer but new to SAS EG....

can any one tell me the options of conditional formating

1.Color formatting
2.Nested queries

i know the option of prompts but can we do nested queries using them.

are there any options in SAS EG or we should write a usual SAS code using
Proc Report
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Re: condtional Formatting

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is it possible to write nested quesries using SAS EG?
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Re: condtional Formatting

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I wasn't sure what you were talking about in your first post. What do you mean by a "nested" query -- can you elaborate??? Is there SQL that you have from some other system that is an example of a "nested query"?? Is this something being done within the context of EG's filter and query tasks or is this being done within the context of the BI Platform and stored processes? More info, please.

About the color formatting from your original question -- yes, you can change the color of report output conditionally, but it depends on what procedure you are using to create your output. For example, with PROC PRINT, PROC REPORT and PROC TABULATE, it is possible to perform conditional formatting.

In Web Report Studio, it is possible to generate a report using conditional formatting...

But again, without more information or context, it is hard to figure out where to direct you.

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