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comparing files

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comparing files

Simplist way in Enterprise Guide to keep and update all the rows in one file and add new rows and or update rows.



Input 1

Tom Active

Bob Active

Tim Active

Jack Inactive


Input 2

Tom Inactive

Sue Active


Output desired:

Tom InActive (Updated row)

Bob Active

Tim Active

Jack Inactive

Sue Active (new row)

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Re: comparing files

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What can be called simple depends on your preferences and skills.


By programming: data step merge, update or modify (or even SQL) will solve this "simple" update scenario.


If you are more of point-and-click-person, I think unfortunately the only standard component for this kind of of operation is Query Builder.

There you can do a full outer join. Remember that you need to define calculated columns using coalesce() function.

Ok, perhaps, not that very simple...?

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