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call/include an EG project

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call/include an EG project

Is there a way to call/include an EG project from another EG project, as a .SAS file can call/include another .SAS file?  I want to leverage PROMPTS which can only be associated with EG projects, and I want to be able to reuse and share the EG project (with the PROMPTS).

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Re: call/include an EG project

There is not a way to "call" one EG project from another, at least not directly.

You can automate the running of EG projects though -- using the automation API.  I've shared many examples in this SAS Global Forum paper.

With the automation API, you can write a single script that runs multiple EG projects. The automation API also allows for dealing with prompts -- as shown in one of the code samples in this SAS Note 40781.


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