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add-in custom tasks

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add-in custom tasks


I would like to use "Example custom tasks with source code" available at but when a want to add in Guide add-ins the dll generated in \EGAddIn4\EGAddIn4\bin\Release i have this message :

error : The add-in does not contains the correct interface signature.

FYI i use visual studio c# express 2008 to open the project , no modification in the delivered example code, just generate ...

may be a .net version problem ? (Visual Studio 2008 run with .net 2 , 3 et 3.5 and SAS Guide using .net 1.1 ) ... how to use .net 1.0 with visual Studio 2008 ?


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Re: add-in custom tasks

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It is a .NET version issue. For EG 4.1, you must use .NET 1.1. Unfortunately you cannot target .NET 1.1 with VS2008 or VS2005, even the express editions. You need VS2003, which does not have a free express edition.

Our next release supports .NET 2.0, and you can use .NET 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5 to create custom tasks.

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