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about call python script in SAS EG?

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about call python script in SAS EG?



   I want to verify that I cam call python in SAS Enterprise Guide. Is there anyone that has a simple python script that I can run in SAS EG? Thank you!

   I do look at this link (, but kind of confused what to do with python.




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Re: about call python script in SAS EG?

If you are on a unix server then call IT, 99.9% of the time,  a reasonable Unix servers have Perl and Python installed.

Ask for the path and cd to the path then


type python from the command line, you should see




>> print "hello world"

hello world


You just ran your first program



If this does not work then let IT know that you are a programmer and need an operating system


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Re: about call python script in SAS EG?

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Thanks, I did the hello world on the unix already.


But my boss want me do soomething at SAS to show the calling python in SAS. I don't know the statement in SAS to call python programs, could you please help me with this?


I mean if I put " print "Hello World" ' in program How can execute this program in SAS?


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