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Zip files using SAS code

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Zip files using SAS code


Is there any method available in SAS to generate password protected zip files.?

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Re: Zip files using SAS code

Not that I'm aware of, but I'm happy to be proven wrong Smiley Happy


If you have access to X command you can interact with your system and use the 7-Zip or WinZip via a command line.


Here's an example for Windows and you could modify the string to add a password.

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Re: Zip files using SAS code

Not without some method of accessing the compression software (e.g. command line).  The real question is however, why?  From a security standpoint ZIP file password protection may be ok, however most people email the password sometime after the file nullifying any security potential.  In any case where you are transmitting important private information you should be using a proper system, secure ftp server, file transfer portal and such like.  Dumping something into a Zip file with a password and then emailing that is really not very good practice.

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