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Zip a file

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Zip a file

How to zip a file through SAS.
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Re: Zip a file

I don't know how to do it on AIX, but this syntax (using the X command) did work for me to create a ZIP file using WINZIP command syntax (the list of files to include in the zip archive are in the zipfiles.txt file and is the name of the zip file I'm creating):
x 'c:\progra~1\winzip\winzip32.exe -min -a -p c:\ @c:\temp\zipfiles.txt';

There are also some forum postings and Tech support notes that might help:Ш

In addition, if you are working within the context of the SAS Enterprise Intelligence platform, you can make a stored process return "permanent package" results and you can write those results EITHER to a webDAV repository OR to the server file system. Here's a forum posting about permanent packages:ủ

In addition, one of the new features of ODS in 9.2 will be the ability to create SAS package files using ODS PACKAGE capability:

If you need more help figuring out how to zip, tar or make packages, Tech Support would be the place to go. They have Unix/AIX systems that they can use to help with operating system syntax.

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