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Your thoughts on using EG

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Your thoughts on using EG

Fellow EG’ers:

Coming from a primarily mainframe and unix SAS background, I’m used to writing my own code to get things done. As I transition to EG on Windows, I’m quickly realizing that certain things we took for granted on the “batch” platforms don’t necessarily (or easily) apply here – scheduling jobs, configuration, system commands, etc.
I’d like to get a sense of how other folks are using EG.
Are folks using EG for canned reporting or for full blown production stuff? Most of my users are relatively new to SAS so I would like to let them know what to expect or otherwise.
I’m beginning to think that even though EG is quite a powerful and intuitive tool, its’ batch processing capabilities can not match the unix or mainframe platforms. Are there additional tools that should be considered – such as scheduling, etc.
One of the many features I like about EG is that I can start my graphs or tabulates using the menus, and then customize them with additional code. Sometimes, it beats writing it all from scratch.
Your thoughts?

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