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Writing log to a table

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Writing log to a table

Hi all,


There is a table located in SAS library and some users update that table. We want to see which user updated which part of the table at what time.


Is there a possible way to do this?


Many thanks,


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Re: Writing log to a table

Before trying to do that in SAS, I'd rather use the operating system's auditing facility.

Reason: most of the time, one can circumvent anything done above OS level. The OS is final authority in security matters.

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Re: Writing log to a table

You say which part of the table? 


Unless you have some sort of row auditing capabilities or table versioning it's impossible to tell which records were changed by whom. 


There red are row level auditing available in different databases so I'd start by finding out what my system was capable of tracking. 

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Re: Writing log to a table

So the table is a SAS dataset? And the updates are are updates/inserts that do not over-write the entire dataset? If so, then the audit trail facility may be useful, e.g.
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