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Write Task log to table

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Write Task log to table

I have a EG project with multiple process flows and various tasks (mostly query builders). Is there a way to compile the info from the various task logs into a table on a library? I only want certain information from the logs. I have the table structure already setup.


The table contains the follwoing columns,

  • Process_Flow - Name of the process flow in which the task is present
  • Task - Name of the task
  • Nobs_Generated - No. of recods generated as output of the task
  • Real_Time - Real time taken in seconds
  • CPU_Time - CPU time taken in seconds



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Re: Write Task log to table

Use Proc printto to redirect the log to a file.

Then read the file in a data step, filter for the interesting lines, and extract your data from there.


make sure (by adding custom code to be run before every task) that


Label for the current task. This is the text label that is displayed in the project tree and the process flow.

is written to the log before every task.

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