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Weird SQL problem

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Weird SQL problem

Everything is very simple - I am trying to match two lists, say List1 and List2, each of which contains last names...

I am using the following:

proc sql;
select *
from List1 as p, List2 as r
where p.lastnamefromlist1 = r.lastnamefromlist2;

And the result is empty set, but List1 and List2 have the same data. Weird thing is that I ran this code before and produced the right results. I am not sure what is going on??? Any ideas?
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Re: Weird SQL problem

Posted in reply to deleted_user
Hmm, you say you are creating an empty set, but I don't actually see where you are creating anything but a list output. Are you sure you are not constantly looking back at the same unchanged empty table?

I would have expected the syntax " Select *" to be preceded by something like "Create Table RESULTS As".

If you rewrote your syntax and missed a line, then please set the options "_Method STimer" on the SQL Procedure call and just send us the log excerpt so we can see what methods were called, how long it took and what was created.

Kind regards

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