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Web report Studio question

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Web report Studio question

Hi all,

I have a quick question on WRS..

I want to show summary level report and then I need to provide detailed level information to user if he click on particular text field in summary report.

One option : to create separate summary and detailed reports and link the detailed report inside summary report.

However, can someone suggest any other method to achieve this kind of drill down without report linking ?? I it possible to on the fly produce detailed report if user clicks on a field on summary report ?

(We can not use OLAP ! so that option is ruled out.)
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Re: Web report Studio question

Is OLAP not an option because you don't have the Cube Studio?
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Re: Web report Studio question

Sid, I used to think you couldn't do parameter linking in WRS (i.e. I click on the USA part of the report and it brings up detail on USA), but last Friday I saw a demo of exactly that. I think this was report linking though... which you suggested you wanted to avoid.

There's a different SAS product called SAS/IntrNet which can do what I think you're getting at: you click on the USA value in the table and it passes "USA" to some SAS code which generates a USA report on the fly. It's pretty cool, but again, a different product from WRS.

So, lots of suggestions, but not a lot of hard answers. Sorry! If I find more info on this topic, I'll try to post that.
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Re: Web report Studio question

Dear Web Report Studio Users,

In order to make SAS Web Report Studio (WRS) a better reporting tool, WRS will be conducting a few different usability tests on future design prototypes. We would love to get feedback on these designs from WRS users. In order to set up these tests, please take a five minute survey so we can place you in the appropriate usability test.

Future usabiltiy tests will be conducted within the new SAS support site WRS forum.

If you have any questions or encounter technical difficulties, please contact Jennifer Cowley at

Many thanks,
SAS Web Report Studio Usability
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