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View work library of a Stored Process

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View work library of a Stored Process


I am trying to access the datasets on the work library of a stored process that is executed on a remote stored process server through EG 4.1. The work library of EG does not match the work library of the remote stored process serves. Is this possible to map this automatically? What if I execute the stored process on a remote Workspace server instead?

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Re: View work library of a Stored Process

Once your stored process has executed, the WORK library used for that stored process is closed. It is a different WORK library than the one available to you for EG.

One technique to use is to write your datasets to a library that is registered in the metadata instead of to WORK areas. Then if you have the correct privileges to that library, you should be able to access those data files from within EG.

There are ways to persist your session on the stored process server, so the WORK library is available to you for subsequent processing. You can find those techniques described in the documentation for the stored process server:

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