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Variable length change

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Variable length change

When we create a dataset from a other, sobre characteres variables "change" its length.


For example:


data new_dataset;

set old_dataset;

keep email name;

where control = 0;



But when we see the results, the name "Alexandre" changes to "Alexandr", but when we double click we can see a hidden "e".

The same happens to email variable.


The problem is that when I export to a TXT file, the name exports as "Alexandr".

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Re: Variable length change

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Look at the attributes of "name". It may have a shorter display format than the defined length.

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Re: Variable length change

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Could you please clarify something?


Where do you see this shortened version of the text?


Are you looking in Viewtable? If so, that's not unusual for the Viewtable to show a truncated text string, but the text is all there, as you said, you can expand the field and see it all, it's nothing to worry about.

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Re: Variable length change

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Something a little odd is going on here.


First, I replicated your code, and as I expected the name field comes out at the full length.


So, either something odd is happening in your environment, or there's another explanation.


I suspect there is a $8. format on your variable. This will be copied through the data step, and EG will use it as guidance in how to display the variable.


Not sure about the export.


I suggest you run this little piece of code. It will create a SAS dataset of one record, containing information about your new dataset.


data test_dataset;

set old_dataset;

keep name;

where control = 0;


proc datasets nolist nodetails;

contents data=test_dataset out=dataset_description noprint;


proc delete data=test_dataset;



Look at the following:


TYPE: should be 2 (character)
LENGTH: should be long enough to contain Alexandre. If it's 8, there's something odd happening.
FORMAT, FORMATL: These are the fields that will show if there's a format on your variable. If there's a character format with a length of 8 on it, that's your problem. Just remove or modify it.


If none of the above seem to be an issue, post the dataset created by this code; it should contain the clues needed.




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