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Using where statement in output data viewer

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Using where statement in output data viewer

Hi, I've been using SAS EG since 1 year now and I have a big frustration when trying to do data manipulation in the "Output data" section or even in a table viewer. I'm writing my statement exemple : client_number = "NEW5555". But it looks like the next time I will do a where in an Output or a table viewer, the statement will not be recorded in the drop down so I have to rewrite it again. Is there an option I can activate so it remember the last 5 or 10 statements I've made?


It's time consuming to always have to rewrite from scratch especially when you have to look for the same thing in many different table.


Thanks in advance for your help.




Here's an exemple of the problem :


Doing a research for my client in claims2_2




Next, I search in a different table (claims2) the drop down does not remember my previous search: 



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Re: Using where statement in output data viewer

Why not just do a standard query?

You could add your statement to a note in your project and then cut'n paste.


Still I cant se a reason not to use the query builder Smiley Happy


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