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Using prompts from Information Maps in EG 4.2

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Using prompts from Information Maps in EG 4.2

I'm currently using EG 4.2 for creating web reports through stored processes. Unfortunately I have a problem when using prompts from information maps imported into EG. This is what I do:

Import information map containing prompt filter into EG --> Make report --> Create stored process --> Import stored process into Web Report Studio

The problem is that the IM-prompt is executed in EG and the result from that prompt is hard coded into the stored process. What happens is that no prompt appears when viewing the report in WRS. It is executing using the hardcoded value.

I know that I can use other types of prompts (EG prompt manager/Prompt from stored process) and basically achieve the same result, but I want to be able to use pre-made prompts from the information map. I also suspect this would lessen the amount of transfered data, since it would filter inside the infromation map, thus only passing on the allready filtered data into EG.

Does anyone know if theres a setting I'm missing or is this a known limitation?

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Using prompts from Information Maps in EG 4.2

From your description, it sounds like you are using the information map simply as an input data source. In that case, there is no way for WRS to be aware of the prompt. Is there a reason why you are not using the information map directly in WRS?

The only solution that I see is to include all values in the information map output and then place the prompt on the stored process.

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