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Using a Prompt as a Filter

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Using a Prompt as a Filter

I've got a project that clashes a couple of data tables together.  There's a problem with duplicates within one of the tables, but I'm able to correct some of the duplicates by bringing in some other data and doing some messing around to find the pairs of duplicates where I know enough about one or the other to work out which one is the error.


I've created a table of errors to filter out and joined this back to my process flow to correct the data.  I want to be able to turn the feature on or off via a Prompt as there are some circumstances where it's better to have the duplicates.


When I thought about this in the car I figured it would be easy to do as I just need to work out the filter to remove duplicates and then add a second filter "&Prompt = Yes" to the filter, so if the Prompt is set to No there will be no cases that match all the criteria.


Of course on trying to build this I've remembered that Prompts don't work this way, so now I'm stuck!  I know I can use conditional processing but this filter is at the start of a very long and complicated flow and I don't want to have to duplicate everything from this point.  With it being a simple filter that should be unnecessary.


But how do I do it?  This is EG5.1.



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