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Using Enterprise Guide for data warehousing?

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Using Enterprise Guide for data warehousing?

Help, please!! The university where I work is considering a data warehouse development project that would enable non-programmers to get information and create reports. A Business Objects data warehouse was attempted several years ago but was abandoned after two years when the proposed price tag reached 10 million. Now a committee is considering another attempt with different vendor (vendor to be determined...maybe SAS).

We already have a SAS data library with 30 years of student records, admissions, financial aid, and housing data. It constitutes a sort of "data mart". Our financial data is in Oracle but I presume it could be included in the data library.

It seems to me that a single SAS file could be easily created using Base SAS (containing a subset of the data). Non-programmers could read this file with Enterprise Guide and create tables, charts, and graphs.

This approach seems to have the functionality of a data warehouse. It wouldn't cost anything (we already own Enterprise Guide). If Enterprise Guide didn't satisfy the need, then maybe SAS Business Intelligence.

Is this a data warehouse? If not, how is it different? Is there anything that official "data warehousing" software could do that this approach could not? Am I missing something? The Enterprse Guide approach described above would have very little start-up cost and no incremental maintenance cost. Would you recommend going with SAS BI instead of Enterprise Guide?
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