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Using EG to edit data and preserving audit trail

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Using EG to edit data and preserving audit trail

I have managed to configure my data so that when users edit the cells in it in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 the audit log is preserved and it contains all the changes made by users. I use a SAS/SHARE library so users can edit the data simultaneously. I'd like to have the library available to users directly from the metadata and thefefore I have had to make it a pre-assigned library with the Workspace server option METAAUTOINIT.

Is this configuration causing the file to be re-created everytime user adds a new row, because that seems to turn the audit log off?

If I assign the library manually in EG with Assign Library Task to the path where data is then I can add rows and still maintain the audit log, but I don't know about SAS/SHARE and Metadata forced User Restrictions then.

Could some one guide me to the right direction with this?
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Re: Using EG to edit data and preserving audit trail

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This is the documentation that will be of most help:

for more detailed help, your best bet is to contact Tech Support.

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