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Using Computed Columns in Computed Columns

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Using Computed Columns in Computed Columns

Probably not the best thread title, but I take real issue with the way the new EG v4.3 handles using a computed column as part of another computation.


If I create a computed column

X = 2+4

Then I want to use it for a separate computed column:

Y = X+4

EG automatically fills in for X as {2+4} so it actually looks like

Y = {2+4} + 4

The issue with that is when I make a change to X... Instead of it being 2 + 4 maybe I made a mistake and it needs to be 2+5, so I make the change to X


X = {2+5}

But this change does NOT propagate to computed column "Y", which still equals {2+4} + 4 instead of {2+5} + 4

The question, I suppose, is how can I make EG treat a computed column as a DYNAMIC variable instead of a static formula that does not retroactively update when used in another computed column? Maybe it's easier to understand if I say I want X = 2+4 to look like this:

Y = X+4  instead of Y = {2+4} +4 how can I accomplish this? I believe in an earlier version treating X as a dynamic variable was STANDARD.

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