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User can't log in - SAS EG, SAS Server or SAS Management Console issues

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User can't log in - SAS EG, SAS Server or SAS Management Console issues



I am having problems with a user profile and I am unsure if it is one problem or two. 


First, background (skip to go direct to the questions):


  1. I created an account for the user but used the wrong User ID (our user IDs are based on email addresses and they all follow the same structure: initial + surname, with no dashes, dots etc. This user, however, had firstname.lastname as we have grown a lot recently and I didn't catch that.) and then stupidly gave the admins User permissions.
    • That account is now Read-only, none of the admins have unrestricted permissions and no one knows the SASadmin account password. We are waiting to hear from the vendor to obtain the password. (We don't have a support agreement with the vendor. Yes, I know. Not my decision and given that all the admins are basically users who got roped into accepting admin permissions - a really bad idea.)
  2. Another admin set up a new account for the user, now using the correct user ID and the correct permissions but the user was still unable to log in.
  3. Yet another admin deleted the second account and set up a third with the same result.

The questions:


  1. Is it possible that the first, bad, account is locking the user out? Or is that annoying but unrelated? The two profiles don't use the same User ID, so SMC should consider them unrelated, no? And as far as I understand a user can have multiple profiles (e.g. with different permissions or access to different groups for whatever reason) but maybe I misunderstood that? If the bad profile is the issue then I guess the best solution is to obtain the SASAdmin password and delete the profile.
  2. If the answer to the above is "Annoying but unrelated", the question is why we can't we get this user onto the server? We have created and deleted several accounts but he has been unable to log in with any of them. 

Steps already taken:

  1. We have taken steps (now waiting for response) to remove the first profile. But if that is unrelated, it won't solve anything.
  2. We have verified that there are no issues with his password.
  3. We have created new profiles for the user and walked him through log-in via Skype (we're half a world apart) but it's difficult to see exactly how he logs in and the Skype session keeps freezing. He seems to be doing it correctly, though.
  4. We walked him through changing his profile to integrated windows log-in and attempting to log in that way. It didn't help.
  5. We have confirmed with server manager and support that he has access to the SAS Server where the data is kept and to the SASApp server. He can access the folder tree and individual files on the data server if he goes through windows explorer but he can't access the data via SAS EG. The issue seems to be with the SASApp server. I.e, not where the data is kept but where the remote processing happens.

Both the user and we are using SAS EG 7.1 and we are using SAS Management Console 9.4


Has anyone come across a similar problem? Very grateful for any input!


I have attached screen grabs of error messages he gets when trying to access.

The error message when he tries to log in to the SASApp server:


Logging in with windows password:



Trying to open the SASApp server in the server tree in SAS EG:


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Re: User can't log in - SAS EG, SAS Server or SAS Management Console issues

Hi @JLun


You may want to raise a track with your local SAS Technical Support.

The description you have already has lots of information, you may want to add some logs (Metadata Server, Object Spawner and Workspace Server).


The user can connect to the Metadata Server, it's already a good indication (it's not visible from the last screenshot but at the bottom right corner, you see the name of the user, right?).

And you are not using an internal account (such as user@saspw), correct?


Is the user part of the SAS group on the server? For instance, on a Windows environment it would grant him (usually) the log on as a batch job policy.


If you want to retrieve your Unrestricted account, please have a look at Unlock an Internal Account.


Hope that helps.



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Re: User can't log in - SAS EG, SAS Server or SAS Management Console issues

Thank you, Damo!


I followed your advice and contacted SAS Support, as we were unable to figure this out for ourselves. In case anyone is searching for the same issue, I will add the information from the support below and the step that helped us.


So, apparently, when a user tries to log on with credentials that aren't yet in the system SAS EG puts their credentials in "jail". Since the user rightly believed himself to be in the system, due to my botched profile, he tried to log on and his credentials got locked up.


Then, when he had a proper profile his, now correct and functioning, credentials were recognised by SAS EG - but as an "uninvited" user.


The solution for us was to refresh the Object Spawner. I have included the Guide link that support provided, to the section explaining how to do this:





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