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User Defined Link

I created a user defined link.  How do I edit the link so it is using the correct linking fields?  Can you join one query to another using a calculated column.  I am sure there is a way to do this but due to my lack of experience using SAS Enterprise Guide, I am at a loss.  I created these two queries and now I want to join them using a calculated column.

Maybe if I explain more of what I am trying to do, someone can point me in the right direction.  I bring in 4 oracle tables.  I take each table and filter what I need and run the query for each table.

Now I want to take the results from each table and join them with the appropriate joining fields.  I did export the results of each of the tables and them brought them back in and joining to one of the results query.  That works but there must me a better way.

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Re: User Defined Link

If I understand you correctly, the question is about joining tables on variables (fields/columns) that you have calculated rather than variables that already exist.  I think you should use Query nodes to create temporary datasets or views and then use another Query node to do your join on the variables that you created in the earlier queries.

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