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User Defined Format Catalogs in EG 4.2

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User Defined Format Catalogs in EG 4.2

Can anyone tell me where EG 4.2 looks for user-defined formats by default. I need to be able to create a permanent format which other users can use within EG. As far as I can see there is no way of setting this location from within the application.

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Re: User Defined Format Catalogs in EG 4.2

It's not SAS EG "looking" for the format library but the SAS session on the server where you run SAS.
You CAN add additional format catalogues in additional libraries which SAS uses then to look for formats.
You can do this during SAS invocation (i.e. in the autoexec on the server) or as part of the SAS code in SAS EG.

Here the doku (same for SAS 9.1.3 and SAS 9.2):

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Re: User Defined Format Catalogs in EG 4.2

If you just want to use one format library for the session or for EG invocation, you could create either a temporary or permanent format library using the LIBNAME task (see tools) in EG.
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Re: User Defined Format Catalogs in EG 4.2

The default value of FMTSEARCH (libraries searched for format definitions) in EG is:


EGTASK is a reference for EG that probably does not exist but EG adds for legacy purposes. But if you can assign a library named LIBRARY and map it to where your FORMATS catalog resides, SAS (via EG) should find your formats with no extra settings required.

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