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Use of 'run process flow' in Enterprise Guide

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Use of 'run process flow' in Enterprise Guide

Hi, I use EG6.1. I build projects that gather data from various sources, including Excel files created by other people. I use the 'import'-tab of the file menu to import the Excel file the first time. This creates 2 lines in the process flow part of the project overview. When I later use the project again I want to execute all the imports, but I have found that when I use 'run process flow', then I run ALSO the associated SAS programs, which do the data treatmnet/analysis.

Is there a way to run only the imports, not the SAS programs?

Yes, I can run them individually, one by one, but I would prefer the whole thing to happen in one operation. But without the SAS program.

Thank you for your advice.



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Re: Use of 'run process flow' in Enterprise Guide

Set up a new process flow that only includes the imports.

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Re: Use of 'run process flow' in Enterprise Guide

I'm not a big user of process flows, but would think from what you describe, one way would be to create two separate process flows, one that does all of the Excel importing, and another that does the analysis.

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Re: Use of 'run process flow' in Enterprise Guide

If you create an Ordered List in SAS Enterprise Guide, the you can add just the specific tasks in a project flow that you want to run, and order them in the order you want to run them in.  See 26177 - Avoid Entropy with the Ordered List Using SAS Enterprise Guide

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