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Updating SAS import dataset

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Updating SAS import dataset

I imported an excel file into SAS EG using File --> Import Data. The data is located on a server accessed by my local computer.

I changed the file by adding additional rows. I was hoping if I just reran the import data function, the additional rows would be added, but they are not. How can I add the extra rows without doing it manually and without re-importing the file.

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Re: Updating SAS import dataset

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If you saved the Excel file and then re-ran the import task, the data *should* be updated.

If this is the 4.1 release, please verify that you are running with the latest hotfixes (should be something like in the Help->About window).

If the problem persists, you should work with SAS Technical Support to help resolve it.

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Re: Updating SAS import dataset

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Please clarify this statement (at least for me):

I changed the file by adding additional rows

Exactly where did you change "the file" -- after importing it into SAS or in the external file, for which you need to import it again, likely replacing the prior imported file?

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Re: Updating SAS import dataset

I have experience this behavior as well. Once EG creates a temporary file, it does not go back to the spreadsheet to refresh the data.
I have changed data, saved the excel file the re-run the import, and get the same data. I am on

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