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Updating/Creating a SAS Dataset with .NET

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Updating/Creating a SAS Dataset with .NET


I'm developing a .NET program which creates an ADO.NET DataTable from an existing SAS Library via the SAS OleDB dataprovider and now i want to write the changes in the DataTable back to SAS.

After reading the documentation for SAS IT, SAS IOM, SAS OleDB Provider i come to the conclusion that there is no simple way to achieve this. The most helpful documentation i found was this:

There are three methods described:
1) using SQL Statements will be difficult and i guess that the performance will be terrible if i submit a CREATE TABLE followed by a million INSERT INTO SQL Statements.
2) using the ITableDefinition interface: is this even possible in .NET? Can i add rows to the table?
3) using ADOX: seems to be the only reasonable method to create and fill a SAS dataset. Has anybody tried that method yet?

Am i missing something here? Is there really no simple solution provided by SAS to update or create a new SAS dataset when you are using SAS/IT with the SAS data providers in the .NET Framework?

I hope that Chris or somebody else can help me!
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Re: Updating/Creating a SAS Dataset with .NET

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Here is an example EG custom task that does this:

I realize your application is not running within EG, but you could use a similar approach. That is, use the SAS IOM OLE DB provider to read the data, and use the SAS Workspace LanguageService to update the data table using PROC SQL UPDATE.

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