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Understanding the SAS license

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Understanding the SAS license

Request you to kindly confirm the below scenarios:


Ques 1: Does the service provider need a specific outsourcing license of the following SAS products, or can he use end user licenses?


SAS® Office Analytics

SAS® Visual Analytics

SAS® Data Integration Server

SAS® Visual Statistics



Ques2: Could you please explain me the licensing of the above products in a development environment? Specifically, which of the following possibilities is allowed by SAS?

  1. Development is free?
  2. Development is free after establishing a partnership with SAS?
  3. Cheaper developer editions?
  4. Buy full licenses also for development environment?
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Re: Understanding the SAS license

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These questions MUST be cleared with your local SAS representative. Only they can provide final answers, and such answers will be different from case to case.

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Re: Understanding the SAS license

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For Quess 1 - as @KurtBremser said, only SAS can give you a valid answer for this.


For Ques 2 - generally, development are considered ax commercial use, and therefore require licenses. One way to scale down is to use smaller servers for development. Talk to SAS to find out what license applies to your set up/situation.

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