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Unable to import xls file to sas dataset

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Unable to import xls file to sas dataset

Dear Friends

I am trying to use several methods to import an xls file using sas code in SAS Enterprise Guide

And each yields errors .

The source file is located on a local file system.

I can import the file successfully using the SAS enterprise guide import task..

Your help is appreciated.

First Method : Proc Import

proc import

     datafile= 'u:\testfile.xls'






The error I get:

ERROR: Unable to open file u:\testfile.xls. It does not  exist or it is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need

       permission to view its data.

Method 2 Using LibName Statement

libname myxls  "u:\TestFile.xls";

The error I get

ERROR: Connect: Class not registered

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

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Re: Unable to import xls file to sas dataset

As you can see from many other questions in htis forum, it's a common misunderstanding that your local file system is available for your SAS code. It's available in the import tasks. SAS code is executed on your SAS Workspace server, so the given file path needs to be available from there.

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Re: Unable to import xls file to sas dataset

Thank you very much - i didn't know that.


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