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Unable to Launch SAS App server from SAS EG

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Unable to Launch SAS App server from SAS EG

Unable to Launch SAS App Server from SAS EG. SAS Workspace server couldnt be iniated from SAS Applications. 

Error: "[Error] Cannot Set Group Authority: User may be a member of too many groups."

Tried Validating SAS workspace server from SMC(SAS Management Console) , but was unsuccessful. Validation was not successful even from sasadm account. 

For reference , attaching the error message with the post.  

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Re: Unable to Launch SAS App server from SAS EG

What operating system is your SAS App server running on?


Is this the first time you have tried this or have you just started getting the error?


Are you using the same userid you are connecting with in SMC? If not try the one you connect to SMC with.


Do you put your userid and password into the EG connection profile or if your server uses Windows are you using IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication)?


Confirm that your userid has the privilege "log on as batch job" to your server.



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