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Turn off Auto Arrange in Join Tables - EG 43

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Turn off Auto Arrange in Join Tables - EG 43

Good Day,

I have Auto Arrange turned off in EG project flow so that I can arrange the program, query and result objects in a manner that I can see the flow better.  When I go into the join tables panel I can move the tables the tables around to my heart's content putting them in a logical arrangement allows one to see the joins.  It looks real pretty.  Then I close the panel.  When I open it again all of my arranging has gone by the wayside and everything is scrunched up.

My question is "how can I preserve the arrangement that I so painstakingly created and not revert to the EG way of scrunching the up. I have attached a document showing a minimalist example of my issue.



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Re: Turn off Auto Arrange in Join Tables - EG 43

The auto-arrange setting applies only to the EG process flow, not the query builder Join window.  Unfortunately, the EG query builder does not retain any custom arrangement for the Join window layout.  You can rearrange objects to make it easier to design your query, but as far as I know it doesn't save any record of that layout for the next time you view the Joins definition.


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Re: Turn off Auto Arrange in Join Tables - EG 43

If I am understanding your question, you are arranging the tables that you are joining in a logical flow.

Just make sure you run the project after you do the arranging, or it will not retain your work!


Good luck.

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