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Tricky EG interface question

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Tricky EG interface question

I'm using Windows XP and EG 4.1. When my laptop is docked, it's set up to use a second monitor. That's usually where I display my EG instance(s) - it's bigger and brighter than the laptop monitor. When I undock, I can get EG to show up on the laptop by right-clicking the EG instance in my system bar, selecting Move, then using an arrow key (painfully won knowledge!). Then a shadow of the EG window follows my mouse and displays where I next left-click.

My problem is that some of the EG dialogs (the one that really matters for me is Filter and Query, whether new or existing) still show up in the 2nd monitor, which I can't see. Effectively, EG is "frozen" unless I know what's going on and Esc out of the dialog. I have not found any way of getting ahold of that "window" to move it onto my primary display. The effect of this is that I can't use EG reliably when undocked.

Does anyone know how I could retrieve these lost dialogs when undocked? I'd be hugely appreciated!!!!!

Steve Raimi
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Re: Tricky EG interface question

That's probably a call for tech support. I have a laptop with a separate monitor and do not have that problem.
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Re: Tricky EG interface question

Hi Steve,

same situation here. Only "solution" for this is to open 'Tools' - 'Options' in EGuide and then select 'Reset Docking Windows' in 'General'.

Hope that helps,
br Thomas
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Re: Tricky EG interface question

The same thing happens to me all of the time when using Outlook. I've got two displays at work, and Outlook is on one but often I view individual messages on the other. When I remotely connect from home (one screen), Outlook displays the messages off screen.

Here's what you can do: when you know that the window with focus is off-screen, press Alt-Spacebar, then M (for Move), then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window into view. I advise practicing this once or twice when you have both displays so that you get the hang of it.

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Re: Tricky EG interface question


Perfect!!!! Thank you so much!

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